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One Lovely Blog Award

It is long overdue, but I thought it was about time I accepted another blog award to tide me over until the Pulitzer arrives *cough*. I was kindly nominated by Chrissey Harrison and Pat Hollett several moons ago, and I applaud them for their evident taste and rarefied discernment, in choosing me as the next recipient.

The One Lovely Blogger Award has a long and prestigious history that I know absolutely nothing about, but I am confident that I number amongst only a select few (thousand –Ed.) to have been lauded in this way.

As with all such glorious awards, it has a well-documented and authenticated set of traditions*, which should be shown due respect. These are as follows:

1. Share seven facts about yourself.
2. Pass this award on to “fifteen”* other deserving blog owners.


Note regarding the authenticity of The Pink Logo: Much has been made of the pinkness of the Logo, with many bloggers (most notably, esteemed Goth, Angela Addams) denigrated the value of the award because of its tendency to clash with the pervading colour scheme of the host blog. As a recognised expert in the fields of both Tradition of Good Taste, it falls to me to adjudicate the case for and against the Offending Pinkness.

I judge thusly– that because of the obscure origin of the Logo, compared to the documented ancient roots of the Award itself, that the Logo is an anomaly, an inappropriate grafting on of Offensive Pinkness to the proceedings, diminishing the gravitas and value of the Award.

My Judicial Amendment, to rectify this grave abhorrence, is that here, amongst the tasteful tans and earthy tones of my own blog, that the Logo be re-coloured in a manner befitted its historicity. (If the reader insists on regarding the Original Offence, just click on the Tasteful Logo above).


Now onto the most important part, Facts About Me (note these will be rendered in a more, modern, tone– pandering to the current fad, of increasing the reader’s emotional engagement with the prose on the page):

1) I really like cheesy martial arts TV shows, Hercules The Legendary Journeys, Xena Warrior Princess, and Monkey being three of the best (ever).

2) My left foot is half a shoe size bigger than my right.

3) My favourite colour is green. Tammy Crosby is painting me a #Writercult mug, with green on it, so she is my current fave person, after my wife and son (and extended family, in case they are reading this). If you would like to be my new current fave person, then think of a better present. 5 Star reviews of any work I publish on Amazon counts double.

4) I have unbeatable geek credentials: I have played Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons (Advanced Edition), Call of Cthulu, Gurps, and many others. If you don’t what these are you simply aren’t cool.

5) Cartoons are awesome. Tom and Jerry never gets old.

6) The only diet worth doing is the see-food diet, because of this I am the sweetest person I know… ;)

7) I have occasionally been known to have food with my Ketchup. What the food is I cannot tell you, because I can neither see it, or taste it, after I have applied the Ketchup. The Ketchup is ideally Heinz, but Daddy’s will do, but any ketchup is better than none.



* – N.B: There is much debate about the use of the word “fifteen” in the historical records. Most experts agree this cannot be accurate; otherwise, any riff-raff would be included simply to make up the numbers. I shall, therefore, bow to the more recent precedent of choosing two recipients, and bestow the award only twice, to the deserving. Neither has been given an award before, and it is about time they both received recognition for the estimable efforts:

http://richweatherly.wordpress.com/about/ – Rich Weatherly. Why? Because he writes with insight and sensitivity. I don’t know what those concepts mean, but they sound like something to aspire to… ;)

http://www.magdaolchawska.com/ – Magda Olchawska. Why? She is talented, creative and hard working, and her films and children’s books ably display this. Also, she has such a great name, which sounds fantastic to someone who isn’t Polish. :)


  1. Chrissey Harrison

    I’ve not heard of Call of Cthulu, but I do know what Gurps is, can I still be cool? I promise to review your work on Amazon with as many stars as they will take.

    Do I get any bonus points for having two Golden Demon finalist pins? (that’s the Warhammer Games Day painting comp, in case you’re not as geeky as you’re making out)

    Love the ketchup ad!

    Oh, and I’m totally with you on Tom and Jerry!

    • T. James

      Two Golden Demon finalist pins… you have suppassed cool! *Bows* I am not worthy… thank you for honouring this, my humble webspace, oh Glorious One! :)

  2. T. Crosby

    lmao! Well it seems I’m just not cool enough to be your fav tweeper-pal Tj. :P I’ve no idea what pink did to deserve such hatred. I for one love pink, it trims out my camo dirtbike pants quite nicely. :)

    • T. James

      You are making me a mug. You *are* cool, despite your fixation upon that Abomination of a colour! ;)

      Actually I don’t mind it too much, as long as I don’t have to look at it for too long…

      I have a question though… isn’t “camo” short for camophlage? How exactly does that work, when it’s pink we’re talking about? Where do you frequent where you could blend in with that colour? There are certain clubs I’ve heard about I suppose. ;)

  3. SLWestendorf

    Cool! Perfect choices TJ! Congrats on yet ANOTHER blog award (I’m not jealous – not in the least!) LOL

    • T. James

      Hi Sandy,

      I’m glad you liked some of my choices- the strange part is that I do too! Isn’t that an amazing coincidence! ;)

      Another blog award? I’ve only got three, and one of them I awarded to myself! :D Besides, you’ve already been awarded one, you’ve just chosen not to accept it… Remember this? https://thewordonthe.net/09/2011/seriously-cute-blogger-award/


  4. Gareth

    LOL, I’ve probably gone through a few of the obscure ones that many people won’t know about. Call of Cthulu is loads of fun. The main problem that many people don’t realise is that often the best option when faced with a nasty is to run away. Oh yeah and you get what I termed as Wibble points which means that you get phobia’s to deal with the longer you play your character. Oh and Death is a common occurance within. Its usually best to have four or five additional characters drawn up for a session and no thats not a joke. The worst I’ve seen is one guy not click on to strategy and gone through seven characters in one night.

    • T. James

      I remember that, one of the most unforgiving, but atmospheric games of its type… I don’t think I ever had a character live long enough to go insane.

      Unless I’m mixing it up with another game, I remember taking negative character attributes to max my other stats. I liked big guns, sawn-off shot guns, and grenades- anything with a heavy kick. I also usually ended up with a psychopathic berserker character. Strangely I died a lot, but the rest of the group had a resonable survival rate… Strange.

  5. Anne Michaud

    Yay, new bloggers to follow – thanks for the hint, TJ:)

    • T. James

      Anytime, AM ;)

  6. Danielle La Paglia

    I love the new color of the award! And my favorite color is green, too. :)

    • T. James

      There is less pink, I’m happy too. :)

      Green is the colour chosen by those with individuality, creativity, and imagination. Suffice to say, it is less frequently chosen by those without vision. ;)

  7. Pat Hollett

    Well, my fav color is turquoise, but I do like pink…so I guess I’m in your bad books except that I did nominate you for the award…many moons ago!

    You sure took your time about getting around to accepting it and telling us about you.

    My hubs is the same as you…if you can see your food, there just isn’t enough Ketchup on it. Yeesh!!! And, I love cooking!
    I hate that he ruins it ..oh let’s not forget the added spiciness of Franks Red Hot Sauce on top of it all…OH MY!

    I’m curious as to how you buy your shoes/boots? LMAO! Ok, maybe not so funny for you…do you have to stuff one toe with kleenex or TP to make your shoes fit…hehe!!

    Good blog TJ…loved reading these facts about you! :)

    • T. James

      Turquoise is a perfectly acceptable colour. Well done! Your nomination excuses your pink fixation.

      I like your husband, even though I have never met him. Food is there as a raft for the ketchup…

      I buy my shoes with English Pounds- the only sensible currency. ;)

  8. heidi/Akeyla

    Well I know what all those ah ‘geeky’ games are. I even read Lovecrafts wonderful books which are the inspiration for Call of Cthulu (which I can never pronounce). I however have never played any of them. I did play pokemon and Yugioh with my son though, does that count!

    Have you tried the flavored ketchups, I hear they’re not too bad for those with a discerning tongue!

    Good post, made me laugh!

    • T. James

      I think Pokemon definitely counts. I am also pleased to see you are taking the love of ketchup to the next level. ALL PRAISE THE RED BOTTLE!!! ;)

  9. Bea

    LOL I love that this award is still going around. I got it a while back, gave it to some KA peeps and it’s still going. :D

    And the original design DID NOT HAVE TOO MUCH PINK!!! HEATHEN. :P

    This post made me laugh so much. Thanks :)

    • T. James

      If having a degree of taste for the moderate, and leaving being loud and brash to others makes me a colour heathen, then I am proud. So there :P

  10. Marianne Su

    Love the sepia thing you did to the award. Wish I thought of it.

    • T. James

      I am not so selfish as to say you aren’t welcome to download the image, and use it on your own blog… :)

  11. Angela Addams

    lol…very entertaining as usual, TJ.
    You really are a big kid at heart, aren’t you?

    I’m glad that you’re embracing your nerd cred. It’s the respectable thing to do.

    • T. James

      Am I a big kid? At about 5′ 9″ I suppose so…

      Embracing my nerd cred? I’ve been trail-blazing nerditiy since the 1980’s. Embracing? No way! More like defining… ;)

  12. Amy

    Hahaha, I love your writing style! I was also nominated for this, and I did a big long search, and I was actually able to find the original post! http://artworkbysara.blogspot.com/2008/12/one-lovely-blog-award.html
    Hope you enjoy!

    • T. James

      Thanks, Amy. That was a blast-from-the-past. Seems like a lifetime ago, but thanks for the link.

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