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Month: August 2012

Why is there nothing new to read? Has the light of T. James’ creativity died?

I hope not. Apologies to anyone stopping by and expecting some of my usual antics, but I’m in the middle of editing a multimedia extravaganza, if the marketing boys are to be believed.

Basically it’s something with lots of pictures in, and editing pictures takes a surprising amount of time. I’ll let you know more details nearer completion…

Steve McHugh Subjects Me To His Quickfire Questioning In Order To Test My Worthiness.

I am humbled by Steve’s charity this week as he has deigned to interview me on his blog. There was no denying his masterful intellect, powerful personality, and unparalleled bravery – he’s about to have his third daughter and has no sons, as yet, for moral support.

I was subjected to insightful questions that probed my innermost being, and was found wanting. To restore my honour a geas has been placed upon me, and I must leave this humble blog for a little while until my quest is completeth.

Click here to show your support as Sir Steve, nobbly knight of the realm, protects his Lady at this bounteous time.


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