This was inspired by a competition idea from Anne Michaud,

Scare me in 100 words or less! Fright me to no end with unique, non-rape/animal abuse/ torture horror in the comment section.

Check out the link above, there are over forty well written and scary one hundred word horror shorts  – Well worth a look.

Here is my attempt:


And Then There Was Nothing


Jenna came to, waiting before daring to open her eyes. She tried, but neither her eyes nor eyelids moved. She attempted to rise, but there was nothing: no sensation from her body. She screamed: Silence! What had the bastard done?

They’d rowed last night; Simon had found her letters from Michael. He had been insanely calm,

“I’ll take from you what you care for most.”

She’d thought Simon meant to kill Michael; before he knocked her out.

Simon was a neurosurgeon, and now she lay supine, eyes bandaged, helpless; a writer unable to communicate with the world outside her head.


Flash Fiction by T. James, October, 2011.