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My First Giveaway: Win Your Own Poem!

Why? Because I fancy the challenge, and how many people do you know who have had a poem written especially for them?

The Prize:

Your very own, unique, personalised short poem. (No, you are not getting a modern version of the Ancient Mariner).

Yours truly is the poet. You will, therefore, have to work out the value of the prize for yourself…     

How To Enter:

Just sign up, by email, for a subscription to this ‘ere blog. It’s not hard, just type your email address into the little box over on the left and hit the button below. (If you cannot manage this, you will not have the appropriate mental skill-set needed to appreciate poetry anyway). ;-)

The Rules:

Note: All email addresses and personal details are completely confidential. I will NOT pass them on to anyone, under any circumstances (unless perhaps they threaten my family at gun point, but you get the idea).

1. Every competition must have rules.

2. Only one entry per email address. Only one inbox per email address (no, I don’t know what that means either).

3. The poem is yours to do with as you wish, although I ask that if you display it anywhere public, i.e. outside of your bedroom, you would include a small credit/link to me as the author. If it’s rubbish, I shall waive this, and you are free to print it, and burn it to warm your house for a small part of this bitter winter. I will ask your permission before I put a copy here on my blog (with links to website(s) of your choice – within reason!).

4. At a date I haven’t chosen yet, I shall pick out one email address at random, and contact the owner asking for some details, so I have something to write about. If you have already signed up for email updates, then you are automatically entered into the draw, but you may, of course, decline an unwanted poem.

5. I will do my best, but quality is in the eye of the beholder, and so is not guaranteed.

6. The are no refunds.

7. See 6.

8. All final decisions are… well… final.


I wish you luck, and even if you don’t win, I thank you for signing up, and I hope you find something that interests you on my blog in 2012.


  1. Anne Michaud

    Cute, TJ. Very cute:)

  2. Gareth

    What a cool giveaway. Hope the winner appreciates all the effort.

  3. Angela Addams

    I already got a poem and a tattoo!
    We miss you TJ!

  4. Firewolf

    Very cool!!!


  5. T. Crosby

    I’m with Ang. ;) Loved my poem, but I can never have enough ME hahaha!!! :P

  6. Marianne Su

    Very original contest…I’ll play along.

  7. Bea

    *snort* You make me laugh. What a fun idea.

  8. Krista Walsh (@krista_walsh)

    I love my poem too! Most definitely a worthy prize.

  9. T. James

    Thanks for all of your kind comments, and to my new subscribers.

    I’m keeping the competition open a little longer to see if anyone else would like to join in…

  10. Natalie Westgate

    Lol :D Awesome competition, can’t wait to see the winner’s poem…if permission be granted!

  11. Pat Hollett

    I don’t know that you could do a poem about me, but I think this is a brilliant contest! Very giving of you! :)

  12. T. James

    Thanks Natalie and Pat, and to everyone else for your kind comments.

    I will be closing the competition to new entries on Tuesday the 31st of January, 2012.

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