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News: Blog Re-Animation.

Having re-invented myself last week I thought it was time to tidy up the mess around the edges of my website and this ‘ere blog. If you notice things changing randomly as you read it is not the gremlins, I am editing the site right under your very nose! Live web-design! How exciting! OK, it isn’t but that’s what’s happening. Hopefully the new website will be up (eventually) and normal service will be resumed as soon as possible…

The management will not engage in discussions about financial refunds due to this temporary disruption. Unless you can produce the original contract, signed in dragon blood on the orc-skin scroll. So there.

Thank you.

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  1. Kirkus MacGowan

    Love the site design, man. Keep it cool!

    • T. James

      I will try. :) Hopefully the website will reach a new level of usability and awesomeness… If I can get the new version to load faster than 1/2 hour on 2MB/s… :O

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