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Dimples: A Poem.

Cheryl Cole: her dimples don’t seem to have held her back.*

For those who think their dimples are a terrible burden to bear, a deforming crease on an otherwise elegantly smooth cheek… Bear in mind that others may not see them in the same way…

Some think her dimples are cute,

Like second and third smiles;

Or like a musician’s lute,

Are they just the medium for her whiles?


Her dimpled smile, her innocence show?

Or a fey, beguiling wisdom does it display?

Only enraptured  will you get to know,

For upon cheek without whisker, a cat’s dimples still play.

.                              -♠-

A poem by T. James, October, 2011.


Do you have dimples or know someone who does? Please leave your thoughts about dimples, and the poem, below…


Image used under creative commons license – click for link.


  1. Magda M. Olchawska

    My son Mikolay has dimples.When he smiles he is the cutest & charming boy ever :)

    • T. James

      He sounds adorable! Is he, like many young boys, at his most adorable when he is trying to convince you he has done nothing wrong? ;)

      It’s strange to think that my Mum probably thought of me as adorable once…

  2. SLWestendorf

    Hubby and two youngest children have dimples – LOVE them. Husband sports the cleft chin – very Michael Douglas ;)
    I love dimples, I find them charming. I agree with Magda – when my family members, who are blessed with those wonderful creases; smile it lights up their face. Who can resist that?!

    • T. James

      I’m glad you are happy, living amongst your be-dimpled family :). I myself have these extra smiles, and my wife says she likes them. I am happy too.

      I wonder if that’s why some adults object to their own, because they feel it makes them look too child-like? Cheryl Cole seems to be fighting the dimpled corner very well though, although going for plastic surgery to get dimples if you don’t have them seems a little drastic!

  3. Angela Addams

    I wish I had dimples ;-)

    • T. James

      Why? If you had them, you wouldn’t be able to see them, unless you spend an unhealthy amount of time in front of the mirror… which from what i know of your busy life seems unlikely.

      I have them, but they aren’t useful for anything. They do not add anything to my life, but neither are they taxable, so that’s good… ;)

  4. T. Crosby

    I loves me some dimples. Nicely done TJ. :)

  5. Gareth

    Cleverly done, although I don’t have any.

    • T. James

      Thanks Gareth.

      You do not saying if this lack affects you emotionally… If it does I suggest forming a support group, “De-Dimpled and Deprived” with @AngelaAddams on Twitter… May you be of great help to each other in this troubling time in your lives. ;)

  6. Pat Hollett

    What an interesting idea for a poem TJ. You seem to come up with the most unique things. Enjoyed that! :)

    • T. James

      Thanks Pat. I’m glad you liked it…

      In case anyone, and I mean ANYONE from OWG asks. The inspiration for this poem was completely and utterly, without doubt, unequivocally, always and eternally Cheryl Cole. Honest! No really… honest. Mayb…. no, honestly, yes…

      That’s all I’m saying. I refuse to say more on the grounds it may incriminate me. So there. ;)

  7. Marianne Su

    The poem made me smile. No dimples but I do have a cleft chin…alas not the same thing. Thanks for the poem, TJ.

  8. T. James

    Thanks Marianne.

    I checked, on your website. I cannot see you and I have no idea where you live. Stalking is not my thing.

    Anyway… I checked… max zoom in my browser and I’m not sure I can really see it. If it’s there, you have a very subtle, and feminine cleft chin… I wouldn’t worry. :)

  9. heidi/Akeyla

    I had dimples as a child, but grew out of them as often happens. But both my daughters have them and they just seem to add a little something else to an already beautiful smile. Nice poem too!

    • T. James

      Thanks Heidi, I’m glad you liked the poem. Maybe your daughters will hang on to their dimples into adulthood, and hopefully they will like them if that happens…

  10. Chrissey Harrison

    That’s lovely. I like the last line. I imagine all cats have dimples, they must do.

    I don’t have dimples myself but my partner does. I am definitely a fan :D

  11. T. James

    Thanks Chrissie…I think dimples are more to be enjoyed by those that look at them, than the actual owners. I’m glad you have ample cuteness in your life :)

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