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Remorse: A Poem.

Below is something a little more serious than my normal offerings, and in all honesty I’ve got no idea if it’s any good or not…


I am but a bug,

Crushed by the shoe of my conscience.

Kindness, and decency are only a thin façade,

A broken and superficial shell,

Cracked irrevocably into thousands of pieces.

Forgiveness through atonement: to be carried and scraped a little on every surface,

Thinning, until all that is evil is gone.


A poem by T. James, September, 2011.



  1. Angela Addams

    I already told you that it’s good.
    Love it actually!
    Well done!

  2. Pat Hollett

    Almost like cosmic irony. Well done TJames. The hidden meaning is easily understood all put together like this. It’s a good poem. I like the underlying message. :)

  3. Krista Walsh

    It left me feeling a little sad. Really strong imagery. Love it!

  4. Anne Michaud

    Terrible James, you are blooming into an amazing poet. Good work:)

  5. Colin F. Barnes

    Nicely done TJ, I can feel the emotion in that.

  6. Danielle La Paglia

    I no nothing of poetry, but I really like this piece.

  7. Marianne Su

    Thought provoking and beautiful. Well done. You may have inspired me to give poetry a try.

  8. Gareth

    Nicely written and something I think a lot of us can associate with due to current circumstances. I think it also goes to prove that those who scuttle into dark corners tend to get the better end of the deal than those of us who have to stay in the light.

  9. Chrissey Harrison

    A brilliant analogy. I find myself wondering what inspired it.

  10. j d waye

    Loved it, TJ. Brilliant, with a funny/sad angle. Very fitting for my mood. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Natalie Westgate

    For me, I didn’t like it. Purely because it didn’t make me feel anything and poetry, for me, is all about emotion.

    But, I always say with poems that if you write it and love it then it’s good. Poetry is always personal, so if you’re happy with the finished poem then that’s all that matters :)

  12. T. Crosby

    Seriously laughed out loud, so funny! ‘scraped on every surface’ haha!!! Kept picturing me scaping a beastie bug off my shoe. ;) *cultlove*

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