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Boxing Day – A Christmas Poem.


It’s Boxing Day and what to blog?

We’ve eaten a third of the turkey, and barely touched the hog…

The family’s out in the rain for their annual slog,

Filling their lungs with city-park smog.

Aunty’s sprout allergy kicked in – she’s on the bog,

We’ll call the plumber later for the much needed de-clog.

Junior’s new puppy just laid another Christmas log,

Or is that Junior2’s joke plastic analogue?

Uncle is comatose from too much grog,

His still-lit pipe pouring out that noxious fog.

Teenagers, unsatisfied, digest the catalogues,

All thoughts of love, and selfless giving – empty epilogue.

Boxing Day leaves only the young at heart still agog,

To carry forward their joy of giving into next year’s dialogues.

.                                              —♥—

“Boxing Day – A Christmas Poem” by T. James, © December 2011.


Image by pancaketom offered royalty free from

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  1. Your lovely, heart-warming family gathering beats the hell out of my boxing work day post-flu crowd-bouncing adventure. Merry Ho Ho. And to all, a good night.

  2. There always has to be poo doesn’t there?
    Great one, TJ!

  3. Christmas what a time of year,
    When we all sup way to many beers,
    And munch on peanuts at oh so many bashes
    And spend hours on the loo with the pebble dashes.

    A great homage TJ. Have fun.

  4. Great poem! Can’t believe you found so many words to rhyme with ‘og’ and make them into a Christmas poem! Nicely done! And enjoyed the humour! :)

    • Hi Pat, glad you liked it. As a hairy example of the male species my Lingua Franca is Uggish.

      As such it was relatively simple even for a testosterone filled mind such as mine to master Oggish. :thumbsup:

  5. This pretty much sums up the post-Christmas sentiment. Thanks, TJ. I enjoyed it.

  6. Adorable poem, TJ. And I’m with Pat, I’m shocked at all the “og” rhymes. :)

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