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Poem: Broken Feathers


To heal I must rise on the wings of solace,

But with broken feathers,

I see only dirt on the ground.

Leaden and useless, I am nothing.


And yet, as I caress the earth,

I find I can clear a path…


Broken Feathers by T. James, © June, 2012.

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  1. Wow short and sweet.. I get the feeling there was more you wanted to say?
    I really like it :)

  2. Simple and image-ful (if that’s a word, and if not, I just made it up) :)

    A lot of poetry goes the epic route. And I’ve found I like the ones that encapsulate an idea in a lot less space.

    • This was partially influenced by our discussions on the short story format – framing ideas and letting the reader fill in the gaps for themselves…

  3. Evocative and touching, nicely done TJ.

  4. Love the shift in emotion from despair to optimism, especially for a short poem like this.

  5. That was very good, TJ.

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