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“My Mirror Self, and I” – Cover Design

Well, after three iterations and lots of really helpful advice I’ve come up with, what I hope will be, a final design.

If you love it or you still think it sucks please tell me why in the comments below.

I want to say another “thank you” to everyone who had taken time to share their opinions and advice, it’s much appreciated.

(I hope to release “My Mirror Self, and I” very shortly on Kindle, with a paperback version to follow).



  1. Colin F. Barnes

    TJ, that’s a vast improvement over the first one. You’ve done a very good job in listening to your feedback and I think you’ve created a cover that is by far more professional than your first version.

    The blue tone definitely makes it more interesting and eye-catching, and the fonts are a better choice too.

    Good job mate. I wish you all the success with its launch.

    • T. James

      Thanks Colin, for the encouragement and the advice. If this version cuts it, next comes wrestling with Kindle formatting. We do this because we love it, right? ;-)

  2. Krista Walsh (@krista_walsh)

    I agree with Colin – great work!

  3. Darcie

    I looked at the previous covers, and this one is by far the best! However, from far away the words sort of blend into the background picture. I’m not sure it would pop off the shelf in a bookstore. Maybe you could find a way to darken the font?? (although, with white that might be hard)…

    Just my opinion, though!! :)

  4. Sandy

    TJ, I love this one! Good job :D

  5. Matthew

    I like this one as well, and like what you did with the font with the effect behind it.

  6. everythingrainbow

    OKay, I have to say – I really love it! Great job The color you added is perfect! I think you have a winner

  7. T. Crosby

    Titles need some contrasting color to make it pop, too blendy for me, but still stunning. good on ya mate!

  8. Emma Cunningham

    This one is definitely a winner for me.

  9. Gareth

    You’ve done a good job with it T. Works pretty well, although personally I’d have prefered a black gradient around the letters.

  10. DianeG

    I like it. I’d agree with Gareth but would put a dark navy gradient around the letters. I have no idea if that is possible to do.

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